Hours of Operation 12-4 pm
(Closed on Monday and Wednesday)

May 9, 2015 at the Diamond Event Center in Brunswick
Please join us for this casual, fun-filled fundraising event. CLICK HERE for more info.


The question is not 'Can they reason?' nor 'Can they talk?' but rather 'Can they suffer?' 

 - Jeremy Bentham

Every day a dog is left to starve,
a cat is struck by a vehicle
and is left injured on the side
of the road or a horse is on the
verge of dying due to lack of
shelter, food, or veterinary care.

Not in our community?
Think again.

At Medina County SPCA, we have been committed to sheltering
and finding homes for abandoned, abused, neglected and injured
animals in Medina County for over 26 years.  In 2011 alone, our
facility rescued over 1250 animals that required services ranging
from significant medical treatment to the need for a stable, loving
new home.

In addition to our core values, we also serve our community
with the following programs:

Humane Education
Community Service Animal Wellness Clinics
Assorted Programs with the
Battered Women's Shelter

In order to sustain and impact the next 25 years, we need
your help.  As an independent non-profit organization with
little to no financial assistance from any county programs or
national rescue missions, our future and the future of animal
welfare depends on you; the caring, compassionate donors
of Medina County and beyond.

So become a ray of hope in an abused animal's life and
protect those that cannot protect themselves!

To get involved today,
call the Medina County SPCA
at 330-723-7722 or
click here for
more information.




Ways to Donate!


Donations to the MCSPCA
are easily placed through our
PayPal Donation Account.





Donate to us while you shop at Amazon!
Click on this link to get started:
While shopping you can pick up one or more of the items listed below:
If you would like to donate to the Medina County SPCA, below are a list of items we are always in need of:
  • Canned food for kittens and adult cats (Friskies, Fancy Feast, Science Diet)
  • Canned food for puppies and adult dogs (Pro Plan, Pedigree, Science Diet)
  • Pedigree, Iams, Purina One - Regular sized or "Small Bites" for puppy and adult dogs
  • Purina Cat & Kitten Chow dry for our cats and kittens
  • Kitten replacement milk (GNC, KMR, Just Born, PetLac)
  • Pellet or non-clumping, fragrance free clay litter
  • Aluminum roasting pans, small and large
  • Small paper boats available at GFS
  • Cat & dog toys
  • Horse, goat and sheep feed (we purchase Safe Choice)
  • Good quality hay for the winter
  • Paper towels
  • Bleach
  • Gift cards (pet stores, office supply stores, gas stations)


DID YOU KNOW . . . Our Emergency Rescue Team needs equipment?

If you would like to donate or sponsor the following equipment, please contact our Humane Officer, Mary Jo Johnson, at 330-723-7722.

Items under $100:

  • Disposable Tyvek Coverall Suits (to protect our team from hazardous materials and diseases)
  • ACO's Friend Cable Lead (to help field capture animals in need of our care)
  • Snappy Snare (to help field capture animals in need of our care)

Items $100 - $300:

  • Freeman Cage Nets (to help field capture smaller animals in need of our care)
  • Survivair Optifit Gas Masks (to protect our team from toxins in the air, including ammonia)
  • High Powered Binoculars (to allow observation in suspected cruelty cases and probation cases)

Items $400 - $900

  • Body Armor (to protect our Humane Officer)
  • Body Camera (like the police officers use, to record abuse situations and interactions with suspects)
  • Draeger Pac 7000 NH3 Gas Monitor (to determine the level of ammonia in an enclosed area for cruelty prosecutions and for the safety of our team)

Items $1,000 +

  • Livestock Trailer with ramp load (to transport large rescued animals like horses)